The Parish Charities area covers the following activities: The position on the Parish Core Team is currently vacant

CAFOD (Catholic Fund for Overseas Development); Nugent (Blue Boxes); One World Group; Project Zimbabwe; Redemptorist Mission Action;  St Vincent de Paul Group.

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 CAFOD static buttonCAFOD is the Catholic Agency For Overseas Development.

Poverty. Injustice. Conflict. Climate Change. Inequality. On any given day, many of our brothers and sisters around the world are in need.

CAFOD works with over 500 partners in more than 40 countries across the world to bring hope, compassion and solidarity to poor communities, standing side by side with them to end poverty and injustice. CAFOD works with people of all faiths and none. Inspired by scripture, Catholic social teaching and the experiences and hopes of people living in poverty, CAFOD works for a safe, sustainable and peaceful world.

Bishop Eton actively engages with CAFOD in three principal ways:
1. Family Fast Day collections take place twice a year. On these days Catholics are invited to fast and to give to the poor the money they would otherwise have spent. CAFOD envelopes are distributed in Church the week before each Family Fast Day and collected at Mass the following Sunday.
2. Joining with all of the other parishes across Liverpool and the UK to support the annual CAFOD campaign harnessing the power of our collective voice to demand change or action in a particular sphere. Recent campaigns have focussed on third world debt, fair trade, international aid and climate change.
3. BE GREEN: At the beginning of January 2020, Bishop Eton began the process of becoming a 'Live Simply' parish. To be awarded the title of a 'Live Simply' Parish we must: Live simply; Live Sustainably and Live in Solidarity with the poor. 
If you can help Tim Walsh in this work please contact him via email  

nugentsmall2016Nugent (formerly Nugent Care) is a major service provider charity which aims to meet the needs of vulnerable and marginalised individuals and communities across the Archdiocese of Liverpool. Its care homes and special schools provide support for hundreds of children, young people and adults. Its volunteers do thousands of hours of voluntary activity each year. Community teams provide a vital support service to hundreds of individuals across the North West who have learning disabilities, are deaf or hard of hearing, or are older people in need of support or befriending. Specialist services include a welfare and material aid project, support for homeless people and supported living programmes for adults with learning disabilities. The origins of Nugent date back to Victorian Liverpool and the pioneering work of Father James Nugent (1822-1905) in relation to child welfare, relief from poverty and social reform. Through his ministry, Fr Nugent witnessed suffering caused by poverty and appalling conditions and took action to remedy the situation. By the time of his death, Fr Nugent had given homes and valuable skills to thousands of children, and laid the foundations for the work currently undertaken by Nugent. Allied to the Archdiocese, Nugent has provided care and support for over 130 years. While the organisation's values have remained constant, its services have adapted to meet the changing needs of today's society.

Nugent Blue Box Scheme

Bishop Eton donates to the work of Nugent Care through the blue box scheme. Each box is labelled with a list of client groups who may benefit from donations. The donor is invited to tick the group to which his/her money should be donated. Boxes can be obtained and returned to church after the 10am Sunday Mass or by contacting the organiser who will call at your home to collect your box. Collection and receipt of the next boxes are done at specific times throughout the year when a notice is put into the parish bulletin.

Nugent  Charity Shop

Nugent Care had a Charity shop in Allerton Road. If you have any old shoes, clothes, handbags or bric-a-brac that you would like to donate, drop them off at the Charity Shop at 73 Allerton Road, or at the Nugent head office at 99 Edge Lane.

Nugent Toy Appeal

Every Advent (normally the first Sundayof Advent) there is a toy collection for Nugent. The toys are distributed to children in need.  (Donated gifts should be brought to the church unwrapped). 

Nugent Crib Appeal

The crib appeal takes place during the Christmas season. A box is placed at the front of the altar for donations. All proceeds are donated to Nugent.

Friends of Nugent

The friends of Nugent meet regularly in the Hughes meeting room. They organise fund raisers for Nugent such as Christmas and Easter Fairs.


The group was started in 1983 by parishioners who had direct links to The Chigwell Sisters in Zambia, Fr. Max McKeown in Angola and Sister Bridie in Kenya. The group was started as The Third World Group, in an attempt to help their specific organisations because they had no other source of funding. Money we raised was sent directly to Africa and is used for education, medical supplies, food, clothing and equipment for the children whose parents have died of HIV. Over the years monies were also sent to other countries in the world and to support other small organisations but always only to those who do not receive funds from other sources. More recently we have also sent money to the Kenyan Orphan Project because two parishioners who are medical students have been there working during their summer holidays and asked the group for financial help for the project.

The group raises funds through a range of different activities which it hopes raise awareness and are profitable but also are great fun for those who attend. Activities such as lunch at 60 Hope Street and the Safari Supper are repeated year on year due to popular demand. Over the years many thousands of pounds have been sent directly to projects in the developing world.

The programme of major activities in 2011 included:

Jan 2011- Chinese buffet in Fisher-More Hall with a cabaret singer and disco, money raised went to Project Zimbabwe

Mar 2011 - Sunday Afternoon Tea with a flower arranging demonstration

June 2011- Food and Disco - at Childwall Golf Club

Sept 2011- Safari Supper which involves meals at different houses around the parish and a meet up for all at the end of the evening in Fisher-More Hall for coffee and a sing- a-long

Oct 2011- Sunday Lunch at 60 Hope Street Restaurant, Liverpool

The group comprises a committee of 8 members ranging in age. It holds its annual AGM at the end of January. All are welcome to attend. It lasts about an hour followed by light refreshments. At the AGM we plan our events for the year. Following that we usually meet again about a week before each event is due to be held to make the arrangements. These meetings are usually in the Hughes Meeting Room and last about an hour. There are also a number of auxiliary members who are not able to attend meetings but will help at the functions.

Although our events are primarily to enable us to raise funds for our brothers and sisters living in the One World we feel that it is also a way of us getting together socially as a parish community, having fun and raising money at the same time! New members to the committee or auxiliaries are welcome any time. There are no particular skills required – just a desire to help others and a smiley face!

If you are unable to take part in the fundraising activities, donations to the One World Group funds are gratefully received at any time of the year. These can be handed into the monastery reception and marked for the attention of Bishop Eton One World Group.

The funds we have raised are distributed twice a year in January and July, when cheques are sent directly to the recipients. If : you would like to help in any way please contact one of the committee members

Chair Sara

Secretary : Cath 722 3680

       Joint Treasurers:  Sara & Cath


"Together we can make a difference"

Bishop Eton has a close partnership through Project Zimbabwe with Redemptorist parishes in Zimbabwe in Tafara and Mavuku, Harare.

It aims to

offer prayer for the people of Zimbabwe,

raise awareness through displays in church and the Fisher-More Hall and

raise money through various parish activities.

In the last few years we have a number of fund raising events all of the money raised has been sent to the Redemptorists in Zimbarbwe to help aid their projects.



RMA rma logowas established many years ago to raise money for the congregation's work in the missions.

Bishop Eton contributes to his fund raising through its collection of used stamps. Parishioners are encouraged to collect used stamps which they receive on mail through the post. Each stamp should be cut from the envelope leaving a small surrounding of paper border. Several times each year a notice is put into the bulletin asking for the stamps which have been collected to be taken to the monastery reception. A parishioner then sells these to a dealer and the money raised is sent directly to Fr Gabby.

Please assist in this work by saving your used stamps and taking them to the monastery when you see the notice in the bulletin. 


SVP LOGOThe SVP is an international Catholic charity which was established in Liverpool in 1844. Its aim is to tackle poverty and disadvantage in all forms. The Bishop Eton Conference was established in 1981.

The group has male and female adult members with a range of backgrounds and skills. The main requirement is the willingness and time to serve other people. Members must be over 18 years of age. Members undertake a range of activities including visiting people in their homes, both inside and outside the parish, assisting Asylum Link, providing financial support to programmes in this country and abroad, developing the spiritual strength of the group and assisting with special projects such as holidays for those in need of respite.

The group meets every Monday evening in the Hughes Room. Meetings include a spiritual reflection, update on visits and plans for the following week. New members are welcome but membership is by application. Due to the nature of our work in the field, references and a DBS check must be completed along with a probationary period. Anyone can support the work of the SVP through prayer and finances by joining the Friends of the SVP. For further information please contact the president via e-mail