The catechesis area within the Parish Pastoral Group covers the following activities:

Baptism; Confirmation; Marriage Preparation; Pastoral Area Working Group and RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults)

If you can help in anyway or have any questions on catechesis within the parish please contact us 


The group was set up a few years ago to prompt parents to reflect on the sacrament of baptism and to help them prepare for the event. The group is split into two teams of catechists. Catechists take parents through a short course. The primary function of the short course is to enable parents to reflect on the meaning of baptism for them and what their expectations of the sacrament are. Parents are also encouraged to embark upon a developing relationship with the parish.

Each team of catechists meets in the Hughes Room once every two months. The short course which they deliver runs for two weekly meetings of one hour.

New catechists are welcome to join the team. If you are interested please attend one of the courses to shadow the team and then register your interest to become fully involved. Contact the parish office for more information.


The marriage preparation programme was established over 30 years ago. It aims to give couples the opportunity to discuss various aspects of married life, both within and outside the sacrament. The course aims to prepare couples for the Sacrament of Marriage and also for their life together.

Today the programme is conducted within the Pastoral Area and is led by the Liverpool Archdiocese. Groups of engaged couples take part in a one day course which is led by married couples from the Pastoral Area. Group sizes vary, but often there are 20 couples taking the course together. Courses involve talks from the leaders, group discussion, ice breakers and other activities. Although organised by the archdiocese, courses take place in one of the parishes of our Pastoral Area.

Couples preparing for marriage will be given contact details when they register their intentions with the parish office at the monastery. An invitation to attend will then be sent to them by the organisers.


The RCIA group was set up over 20 years ago. Its aim is to prepare adults for reception into the Catholic Church.

The group of 6 catechists leads adults who are interested in knowing more about the Church through a Redemptorist initiation programme. However, the most important aspect of the series of meetings is the sharing of faith. The programme lasts six to seven months. It culminates in a service for all who have been involved in the Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King, on the first Sunday of Lent, where the Archbishop conducts the Rite of Election. At the end of Lent, those who have chosen to become Catholics are received into the Church during the Easter Vigil at Bishop Eton.

Catechists have a variety of skills but the most important is the ability to share one’s own faith with others. Members of the RCIA group also need to be able occasionally to lead an evening of reflection.

Meetings take as advertised in the parish bulletin. If you share an interest in either becoming a member of the RCIA group as a catechist or if you wish to explore the programme of reception into the Church please contact the parish office or speak to one of the priests.


With you Always is the Sacramental programme in Liverpool covering the Sacraments of First Forgiveness (Reconciliation),  and the Eucharist (Holy Communion). A team of catechists in conjunction with Fr. Tim work with the children to prepare them. Children in year 4 undertake the programme starting in September, with first reconcilliation being celebrated in Advent, and First Holy Communion the following May/ June.

The WIth You Always group has a Twitter feed. Please follow if your child(ren) are currently in the programme.