Parish Pastoral Council Meeting

Monday 22nd Feb. 2016 in the Fisher-More Hall

Attendees :

Fr. Tim Buckley, AC, NMc, KR, JH, DM, RP, DP, MZ, KB, SB, ST,  JB, GJ,  GB

Apologies : 


1 Parish Awakening Day : review of progress
  1. The effects of the Awakening Day were positive and valued. Some effects were immediate, while others were still developing.
  2. More families were now involved in the 10 am Mass, and the Welcoming Ministry was active in all Masses except the 11.30.
  3. New groups wholly or partly arising from the Day were the all-generation Women’s Group, and the Youth Justice and Peace Group.
  4. The need for improved communication had been identified. The short talks at the end of Mass describing the work done by various groups were continuing, and more volunteer speakers would be welcome. The need for volunteers for specific tasks would be advertised on the Bulletin in the future so that all parishioners were reminded that the parish was theirs and that their support was both welcomed and essential.
  5. More formal communication was via the census forms, the Parish Directory and the parish website. A suggestion was made to re-name the Census form a ‘Registration’ form, as this was less ambiguous. The Parish Directory was being revised, and groups were urged to update their details via a form in the porch. A plea was made by the Administrator of the Parish website to supply information about groups to appear on the site.
  6. Contact with, and the inclusion of, the housebound in the life of the parish was not perfect, but work was being done to improve this.
  7. The Workshops given on the Awakening Day will be repeated if possible, as many parishioners would like to have attended more. These will be after Easter if the speakers were available and willing.
  8. Another Awakening Day is being considered for 2016, but with a simplified format.   
2 Year of Mercy/Anniversary of Our Lady of Perpetual Succour Icon
  1. It was planned to include the housebound as much as possible. Fr. Tim had sourced prayer-cards to be delivered.
  2. Ideas were invited for ways to mark the Anniversary, and for volunteers to take responsibility to carry out any suggestions they made.
  3. Publicity for the Icon was to be developed, including an article or news item in the Catholic Pictorial
  4. The meeting then divided into small groups to discuss matters raised and to provide feedback




Feedback from discussion groups

Year of Mercy and Year of Our Lady of Perpetual Succour   -  Planning ideas 

  • Who? Celebrations are for parishioners and for non-parishioners
  • What? BE is a place of pilgrimage
  • Why? a) Workshop to be led by Fr Jim and b) information and education in primary schools
  • Set up a `special occasions ` liturgy planning group which could come together as required
  • Ensure celebrations include music led by different groups from the parish and speakers both visiting and from the parish
  • Organise visitors trail - `a walk around the church`
  • Set up a team of guides to meet and show visitors around the church at specific pre-arranged times during the coming weeks
  • Write to schools in Liverpool/Knowsley of all faiths or none to let them know that they are welcome to visit the church with their teachers in order to inform, build community, tolerance, acceptance and respect
  • Set up home novenas - see Fr Jim’s writings in his OLPS book
  • Establish a timeline to run throughout the year focusing on each main event in turn eg 2 March, 5 March Cathedral day, 26 April Rome pilgrimage, Vin Nichols, procession at St Mary’s and so on
  • Organise 9 days of prayer and devotion preceeding 27 June
  • Organise 9 days for children preceeding 27 June
  • Invite Archbishop to the final Novena
  • 27 June is not the end of the year but the launch into ongoing prayer
  • Communications are vital to publicise all activities and opportunities – in press, website, handouts in church, visitors pack, new parishioners’ welcome pack, pulpit addresses, BE Alive, bulletin, circulate information across the diocese


Parish Core Team to ensure plan is put into place

  1. Fr Tim to speak with community
  2. PCT to invite parishioners to form
  • special liturgy team
  • Tour guides team
  • Communications team
5   Vacancies on the Parish Core Team

The Chair invited anyone interested in the following vacancies on the Core Group to make themselves known to her after the meeting. The following volunteered

  1.    Spirituality – RP
  2.    Hospitality - tbc
  3.   Link with St. Mary’s – MZ


  The meeting then closed at 8.30 p.m.