Our Lady of the Annunciation - Bishop Eton

 Parish Core Team


 Time:    Wed. 11th May, 2016 at 8pm

Venue: Hughes meeting room



Fr Tim Buckley    Parish Priest    TBu (item 5 only)
  Chair     AC
     Ass’t Chair      NMc
Admin.      KR
Mission      JH
Liturgy  CA
Youth and Schools     FS
Links with St. Mary’s     MZ
 Spirituality        RP
 Hospitality     CL



Finance       DM
   Catechesis     TBr



1. Welcome and introductory prayer

2  Welcome to new members

Three new members were welcomed to the Core Team, CL, RP and MZ, representing Hospitality, Spirituality and Links with St. Mary’s respectively.

Minutes of last meeting

 There were no matters arising. 

4  Parish Pastoral Council meeting feedback 

Several helpful and interesting suggestions had been made following the small-group discussion and were under consideration. In particular, organisations appreciated being given a platform to describe their work. Workshops have not resumed as priority has had to go to the build-up to the Novena (19-27 June) during the next weeks.  It was planned to resume the talks and workshops, first heard at the Parish Awakening, in September in the FMH.

5. Year of Mercy and Anniversary of Icon– update on meetings

  1. Fr. Tim stressed that the Novena preparing for the Feast Day was to emphasise the needs of the parish family, and of the wider world. In effect, the Novena will take the place of the often-requested traditional Mission.
  2. It was vital to include the housebound, and those who found it difficult to attend church.  All EMHCs were to be asked to inform the office and Parish Deacon of those now being visited unofficially, as opposed to the formal sending-out of EMHCs from the 11.30 Mass, so that they can be included in the transport to be provided by the SVP if desired.
  3. Publicity, music and refreshments were in hand.
  4. There is also the possibility of a coach trip from Bishop Eton down to Clapham to share the Province celebrations on July 2nd.

Parish Celebration Sunday July 10th.

A small working group had met to discuss and finalise arrangements. The event was to include even more activities and attractions. Any profit made was to go to Project Zimbabwe, probably to enable a group from the parish to travel to Zimbabwe to assist in the education project there.

Tickets were to be on sale after all Masses from June 12th.

7. Updates from subgroups

  1. Catechesis – Masses to celebrate the children receiving the First Sacraments were well in hand.
  2. Mission - An example of an alternative format for information for visitors had been observed at St. George’s, Everton, and was noted.
  3. Spirituality – as this is a new sub-group, nothing to report as yet, as all efforts were concentrated on the preparations for the Novena.
  4. .Liturgy  -. A book outlining the history of Bishop Eton was in progress, with the aim of presenting a copy to all With You Always families.
  5. Finance – The shortfall on money paid for Catholic papers on sale continues.  Just over 20% costs are not repaid for the papers. It is possible that parishioners do not realise for which items on the tables in the porch need to be paid. The charge and the existence of the money-slots in the wall could be highlighted.
  6. Youth and Schools. – i) The Junior Justice and Peace group continues to thrive. ii) Contact had been made with both our primary and secondary schools, and they were very supportive of the Novena.  It is hoped that groups or choirs will add to the music.
  7. Administration - .i) The names of all EMHCs were to be gathered into a central list, as there were now so many performing different roles. ii) There would be another appeal for more help with the website as the first had limited success.
  8. Hospitality - There had been a good response to the sign-up sheet appealing for help.  It was hoped to provide refreshments after the closing evening of the Novena on 27 June.
  9. Links with St. Mary’s. – joint planning meetings for the Novena had been attended and contacts strengthened.

8. Any other Business

  1.  It was hoped that the result of the Holy Father’s appeal for Ukraine would be available shortly.
  2. Although there had not been any response this time to the invitation to parishioners to raise matters to be discussed by the Core Group, the invitation remains open via the bulletin

9  Date of next meeting: Wed, June 15th 2016 at 8pm