Our Lady of the Annunciation - Bishop Eton 

Parish Core Team

  Date: Wed. 15th June 2016 at 8PM

Venue: Hughes meeting Room


Chair   AC
 Ass’t Chair   NMc
Admin. KR
Mission   JH
Liturgy         CA
Catechesis         TBr
Youth and Schools FS
Links with St. Mary’s MZ
Spirituality         RP
    Hospitality   CL



Fr. Tim Buckley Parish  Priest TBu
Finance   DM



1. Welcome and introductory prayer

2. Welcome to new member

GJ was welcomed. He is training for the diaconate and will be assisting CA with Liturgy matters.

Minutes of last meeting and matters arising 

  1. A little progress had been made on compiling a central list of EMHCs and the extra visits they undertake.
  2. Fr. Tim is to be asked if the final total for the Pope’s appeal for Ukraine was available yet. 

Action :  AC to follow this up. (AC)

Parish Celebration Sunday July 10th - update 

  1. Rather than hire tables and chairs, budget-priced garden chairs and tables had been purchased. Half the cost will be met from parish funds.  Income could be generated by hiring these and the marquee out to parishioners.  The balance will be met from the profit made from the Celebration.
  2. A small sub-committee was meeting to finalise details for the day.
  3. Tickets will be sold after each Mass.

5. Year of Mercy and Anniversary of Icon– update on meetings 

  1. Publicity, music and refreshments were in hand, as well as arrangements for the housebound, and for stewarding.
  2. A coach from Bishop Eton down to Clapham to share the Province celebrations on July 2nd has been arranged.

Parish Diaries

A commercial firm had approached the parish, offering a limited number of free diaries, personalised for Bishop Eton.

Action : NMc to scope project, check on the suitability of adverts sponsoring the diary, and what parish material would be included. (NMc)

7. Parish Awakening Plan – review and update

  1. A welcoming event for new parishioners was pencilled in for Sat. Oct. 15th. (KR)
  2. A display to publicise parish organisations was planned to be available in the Fisher-More Hall by the end of September. (TBr)
  3. A webcam to relay Masses to the housebound would not be possible now, as the parish did not receive a grant from Historic Churches.
  4. The parish website needed organisations to send information more promptly and reliably.

Action : AC to circulate this request.

Also, volunteers were still needed to expand the website team.  Notice to be placed in bulletin  (KR)

  1. A Parish Re-awakening Day was proposed for Saturday 6th May 2017. (AC)

8. Updates from sub-groups

  • Catechesis 

76  children had received the three Sacraments of Initiation.

The Archdiocese had announced that, in future, Confirmation would be celebrated as a separate event during secondary years.  The number of preparation meetings for the WYA children and their families will remain the same.

Note: The Chair expressed the parish’s great thanks and appreciation to the WYA team, both to TBr as leader, and to all the catechists. The WYA scheme involves a huge commitment by all the catechists, and is vital to the parish community.

  • Mission 

Ways of giving information about the Stations of the Cross to casual non-Catholic visitors were being considered.

  • Spirituality

An open meeting for all those affected by dementia either directly or indirectly was to be held, to ask what would be helpful to form a dementia-friendly parish.

  • Liaison with schools 

Visits had been made to the various schools to clarify their involvement in the Novena, and to publicise the Youth Justice and Peace Group in the parish.

  • Liturgy

There was now a welcoming team for all Masses.

The daily 12 noon Mass had a shortage of readers, which was being addressed.  Sunday 11.30 Mass also has vacancies on the rota. 

Action: The organiser JC to be asked to make a short plea from the pulpit at an 11.30 Mass.

  • Finance 

The accounts for the parish were now on display in the porch and on the website. The shortfall on the revenue from newspaper sales seems to have been halted.

  • Administration 

Work continues on producing a new Parish Directory.

The porch noticeboard had been reorganised.

  • Hospitality 

Catering arrangements for the Novena and the Parish Celebration were all in hand.

  • Links with St. Mary’s

Bishop Eton website contains a link to St. Mary’s.

 9 Any Other Business 

It was to be emphasised via a note in the bulletin that all parishioners were invited to submit matters they would like discussed at Core Group meetings. The Core Group aims to be a conduit for any concerns or ideas.

Action: KR to place a notice in the bulletin a couple of weeks ahead of each meeting inviting agenda items (KR)

10 Date of next meeting : Wed. 14th September, 8 pm.