Our Lady of the Annunciation - Bishop Eton

 Parish Core Team Minutes

Time:    Wednesday 9 November 2016 at 8pm

Venue: Hughes Room 


Fr Tim Buckley  Parish Priest TBu
 Chair  AC
 Assistant chair  N Mc
 Various  CA
 Mission  JH 
 Catechesis  TBr
 Finances  DM 
 Links with schools and university  FS
Links with St Marys  MZ
 Administration  HM


 Administration  KR 
  Hospitality  CL 
   Spirituality  RP 
Liturgy  GJ


1        Introductory prayer was said

HM the new Parish Administrator was welcomed to the Core Group.

The draft Minutes of the previous meeting were distributed and various amendments made. In future, they will be circulated by email to the Core Group for amendments as soon as they are written, so that they can be displayed promptly.

Matters arising

  1. Parish Diaries: No response had been received from the firm and so it will be contacted again. Action : NMc
  2. Stations of the Cross leaflet. Work on this had been put on hold until the Parish History book was completed, to avoid duplication.

2        Parish Celebration and Parish Awakening follow up.

A short meeting of a subgroup had been held, to discuss preliminary ideas for in 2017. The group will re-convene after Christmas.           

3.       Christmas services dates and arrangements

  1. 27th Nov. Gifts for Nugent Care to distribute to families in need to be brought to church.
  2. 12th December: Reconciliation service will be held at St. Mary’s,
  3. 13th Dec. Reconciliation service at Bishop Eton,
  4. 17th Dec: Traditional Carol Service followed by refreshments
  5. 20th Dec: Parish Carol Service followed by refreshments
  6. 19th Dec Pastoral Area Reconciliation Service at Our Lady of the Assumption.
  7. 24th Dec: 7pm Family Christmas Mass, 11pm Carols leading into midnight Mass

Action: volunteers to be sought to move chairs over from the Fisher-More Hall after the 12 noon Mass on Christmas Eve, and to clear them away by 12noon on 28 Dec.  NMc

Action: readers, Eucharistic ministers, collectors for 24th Dec to be organised  Tbr/NMc

Action: music ministry and catechesis will liaise to arrange the format of the Parish Celebration of Carols.          Tbr/MZ

4        Outside Notice Board

Insufficient space is available in church for notices.  There is need for a noticeboard outside church but inside the grounds

Action: suppliers and site to be scoped and costed.  KR/JH

5        Music Fund

A request for money to cover the cost of extra soloists, music and other expenses had been received from Andrew Sharples.

Action: This item will be re-considered in 2017. DM/AC

6         International Afternoon

This had been a great success, and the Chair expressed congratulations and thanks to those involved in organising it, especially to Kris Reeds.

About ten families new to the parish had attended, together with helpers and the Justice and Peace Youth Group. A full account is given in November’s BE Alive magazine.

7       Parish Helpers Social

This will be on January 13th, 2017.

Action: AC to speak with CL and KR  AC/CL

 8      Updates from sub-groups


  1. The new WYA programme was going well, with 75 children involved in this Archdiocesan scheme to prepare children for First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion.
  2. Baptism Preparation was being provided by a separate team. Part of this involved presenting the child to the congregation at Mass.     Action: the Baptism Team to be contacted to arrange the details. TBr
  3. RCIA, the programme to help adults discern whether they wanted to become a Catholic, had started. Two changes from previous years were: the sessions are now on a Wednesday now and the venue will be St. Mary’s, Woolton, not Bishop Eton as formerly.


  1. The Churches Together Social Lunch Plus had not been supported, so had been cancelled, but the Social Walking Group continued to flourish.
  2. The Rosary Group, which provides a daily Rosary before the 12 noon weekday Mass, has agreed to finish by 11.50am in time for quiet prayer before Mass.

Liaison with schools

  1. The Justice and Peace Youth group now has 46 young members.
  2. A Retreat for this group had been arranged for 26th November.
  3. Collection of items for the Christmas Shoe Box Appeal was going well.


Nothing to report.


Accounts for January 1st to August 31st were provided. There was a surplus at the 9 month period and the projected annual balance is encouraging. Refurbishment work in church is being covered by insurance.  A loss on newspapers and magazines continues.  It was agreed that the parish should order fewer newspapers

Action: KR to alter orders. TBu/HM


Nothing to report.

Links with St Mary’s

  1. Firm contact had been established with key persons at St. Mary’s, so that information was passed on promptly for the website.
  2. A copy of the booklet produced at St. Mary’s for Advent was to go on the website.
  3. St Mary’s PCT has requested a meeting with PCT reps on 16 Jan 2017. AC/NMc/GJ/TBu/MZ

Action: PCT members to consider the purpose of the meeting and to send their views to AC before 16 Jan 17.  Reminder email to be sent out        

9     Any Other Business

A letter had been received from Kathy Bamber, ACTA, (‘A Call to Action’) promoting discussion groups during Advent. 

Action: a reply welcoming the suggestion for ACTA to organise           AC

10     Date of next meeting

Wed. 25th Jan. 2017 at 8 pm in the Hughes Room