Our Lady of the Annunciation - Bishop Eton

 Parish Core Team Minutes

Time:    Wednesday 8 March 2017 at 8pm

Venue: Hughes Room 


Fr Tim Buckley Parish Priest  T Bu
Various  CA
Mission  JH
Catechesis - Acting Chair  TBr
Finances  DM
Links with schools and youth  FS
Links with St Marys  MZ
Liturgy  GJ
Hospitality    CL


Chair   AC 
    Assistant chair  NMc
Spirituality  RP
Administration  HM
Administration  KR


1. Introductory prayer 

Fr Tim led the prayers.

2. Welcome, and Apologies for absence.

Amendments were made to the draft Minutes of the January meeting, preparatory to displaying them in the porch and on the website. The long delay in producing a final version had been unavoidable this time. The general aim is to produce them as soon as possible after the meeting.

Matters arising

a. A possible position for an external noticeboard had been identified. Historic Churches had no objection to the site chosen, but advised checking with Liverpool Council.as the wall abutted the pavement.

ACTION: The Council Planning Department to be contacted. (KR)

b. Discussion with the Parish Organist regarding a Music Fund was ongoing.

c. Rear of Fisher-More Hall. Now that the rotting fence had been removed, concern had been expressed that the patio area was dangerous as the decking was slippery.

ACTION : The area to be assessed, with John Byrne in lead. (DM)

d. Presenting pre-baptism babies during Mass was ongoing. (HM)

3. Feedback from meeting with DD at, St Mary’s

Both parishes will look for further ways of collaborating in order to build community, share expertise and reduce the burden on our priests.

Actions will include

a) joint training for readers and Eucharistic ministers and
b) catechists working more closely on sacramental programmes.
c) BE international families have also extended an invitation to St Mary’s for any families to join them at their forthcoming monthly lunch in Fisher More Hall

4. Easter Services

ACTION: Readers will be sought for the various services. (GJ)

5. Webcam meeting

A summary of a meeting held with the representative of a webcam firm was given.
It was decided that more information on alternatives was needed before a decision could be taken. A particular concern was licensing and copyright.

ACTION: the legal situation regarding performing rights was to be checked with the Archdiocese. (DM)

6 Updates from sub-groups


a. The programme for preparing children for First Communion (WYA) was nearing its end, with only two more sessions to go.
b. Baptism preparation was organised by 6 catechists, in teams of two. The process was not clearly structured.

ACTION: a more uniform approach to be discussed. (TBr)

c. Confirmation of adults: there were four candidates.
d. RCIA, the preparation of adults interested in becoming Catholic, was being held as a joint programme with St. Mary’s. A Ceremony had been held in the Cathedral as part of the scheme.
e. The Family Readers rota for the 10am Mass, and the Children’s Liturgy were both working well.


a. The possibility of an external, more public noticeboard to attract visitors was covered earlier under ‘Matters Arising’.
b. A service for Women’s World Day of Prayer had been held at Elm Hall Drive Methodist Church with RP acting as Bishop Eton Representative.
c. A meeting for the clergy of the Churches Together in Mossley Hill had been held to discuss the way forward.
d. The Social Walking Group continues to thrive.
e. A basket had been placed in the porch for donated religious magazines and pamphlets for visitors to take, to supplement the ‘Welcome’ cards.

Liaison with schools and youth.

a. The Youth J& P group continued to grow and be well supported with about 40 young teenagers attending, supported by older teenagers and adult helpers. A charity fundraiser event was imminent, and a Day of Recollection planned.
b. Contact with Bishop Eton Primary School had resulted in the donation of polo-shirts to be taken to Zimbabwe in June.


Nothing to report.


a. The Parish accounts were being audited.
b. Gift Aid revenue might be affected unfavourably by the new Budget with the changes in tax bands.


No report available.

Links with St Mary’s

a. Help is being given to St Mary’s to improve and expand its website.
b. See note of meeting with St Mary’s Chair above


An event to welcome Fr Charles Randall to the parish had been held.


No report available.

7 Any Other Business

a. Regarding Bishop Eton website, parish organisations were reminded that information and posters relating to events should be sent to the parish office and to MZ ()
b. The History of the Parish booklet was nearing completion.
c. A booklet produced by St. Mary’s publicising Lent and incorporating Holy Week services in both parishes was deemed a valuable resource.

ACTION: the possibilities of covering other seasons – Advent, for example - to be scoped. (MZ)

d. Although Paul Murphy had resigned from leading RYM, the Redemptorist Youth Mission involving young adults, the ‘Homeless’ initiative would continue, thanks to a parishioner from St. Margaret Mary’s volunteering to organise this. Long-term, it was hoped to relaunch RYM.
e. Grateful thanks were expressed by the Chair on the parish’s behalf to KB for organising the recent ACTA event with Fr. Daniel O’Leary, which drew nearly 40 attendees from a wide area.
f. There is a danger of proposed actions and deferred decisions being forgotten as time goes by. One solution would be a separate spreadsheet.

ACTION: a mock-up to be produced for consideration. (MZ)

g. The anniversary of the Canonical Crowing of the Icon (OMPS)  will occur in June.

ACTION: A commemoration to be considered. (TBu)

8 Date of next meeting:

Wed. 26th April 2017, 8pm, in Hughes Room..