Parish Core Team Minutes

Time:    Wednesday 10 May 2017 at 8pm

Venue: Hughes Room



Chair AC
Assistant Chair NMc
Liturgy CA
Mission JH
Catechesis TBr
Finances DM
Hospitality CL
Links with St Marys MZ



Fr. Tim Buckley  Parish Priest TB 
Links with Schools & University FS
Administration KR
Administration HM
Liturgy GJ
Spirituality RP
Fr. Charles Randall Assistant Priest  CR


1. Introductory prayer 

NMc led the prayers.

2. Welcome, and Apologies for absence.

In future, the draft Minutes will be circulated among the Core Group members as soon as possible after the relevant meeting, so that amendments can be made and the Minutes displayed in the porch and on the website within a short time

Matters arising

The proposed exterior noticeboard would be expensive, and it was not clear that the cost was justified.

Action: further discussion to be held  (AC/KR/HM)

3. Review of Easter Services

  1. Attendance had been up on previous years for the 10am Easter Sunday Mass, but down for the Easter Vigil, which may be due to fewer people being received into the church this year, as well as the lateness of the service and its length.
  2. It had been difficult to find volunteers for the foot washing on Maundy Thursday.  In previous years, children had been used for part of the group, but there had been a clash with a drama event. This will not happen next year.  Also, one person who had volunteered was bypassed during the service.
  3. Good Friday afternoon service leaflet to incorporate ritual guidance - as the service may be unfamiliar to some who attend.

      Action: The Order of Service leaflet will be improved.  GJ

  1. Additional seating was needed for the 10 am Mass,

Action: Chairs will have to be set out in the Church

4. Update on repairs and renovation work

  1. Tree Felling. JB, the site manager, had sourced a tree surgeon at half the cost quoted by the Archdiocese, and work had gone ahead. Both the trees felled, one near the graves and one in the garden, were diseased and dangerous.  Thanks to JB for his tireless voluntary work in keeping the site safe

The PCT agreed to further money being made available to cover the cost of levelling the ground near church and in the monastery garden to make safe the surfaces.

Action: JB to ensure contractors complete the work (DM/JB)

  1. The plaster in the Lady Chapel will have to be stripped and replaced, due to rain damage. This will mean the chapel and side aisle being closed off for 6 weeks, Mondays to Fridays.  JB has received insurance money to cover the cost.

Action:  the work to start work as soon as possible. (AC)

5.  Timetable for future events

  1.  The First Holy Communions at Bishop Eton will be 20th and 21st May.
  2. The Parish Garden Party possible date 17th Sept
  3. The With you Always Nativity Play will be on Sunday 17th Dec.
  4. Parish Carol Service: Monday 18 Dec.

Action: An appeal on the bulletin for helpers to shift chairs etc. if the Garden Party takes place. AC

6. Webcam 

  1. After much discussion and report on research carried out, it was agreed that the benefits of installing a webcam so that services could be streamed to the housebound, in particular, outweighed the expense and any difficulties.
  2. The cost would be lessened if other parishes nearby agreed to use the same firm.

Action:  Fr. Tim would be asked to raise this with the other clergy in the Deanery. (AC, NMc)

Action: A report on possible difficulties and matters to be borne in mind regarding copyright and privacy to be provided.  (MZ)

Action: Actions arising to be considered  (AC, NMc)

7 Updates from sub-groups

  • Catechesis
  1. First Holy Communion. 76 children will be making their First Holy Communion. 16 are from other schools, which is the biggest number ever. To commemorate the event, each child will plant a bulb in the church grounds.

Action: AC to contact JB re suitable planting site

  1. Attempts to contact the WYA catechist in St. Mary’s, with a view to sharing best practice, had been unsuccessful.
  2. RCIA. No report available.
  • Mission
  1. The Churches Together Walking Group continues to thrive.
  2. Nearly 600 ‘Bishop Eton Welcome’ cards (targeted at visitors of all faiths or none), were taken during a year.
  3. A notice on the church door on Polling Day welcoming voters to come into the church will be reposted on election day. 
  • Liaison with schools  - no report available.
  • Liturgy
  1. Review of the Easter services - see item 3.
  2. It was assumed that special services will be arranged to build up to the Feast of Our Lady of Perpetual Succour.
  • Finance

Accounts for 2016 were distributed. 

  1.   More parishioners have signed up for Gift Aid.
  2.   A query was raised concerning the School levy, as it appeared as if this was being paid twice.

      Action :  this to be checked.

  1.   A suggestion was made that a column from the previous year be included in the accounts so that comparisons could be made.

Action : this to be implemented

  • Administration – no report available.
  • Links with St Mary’s - Nothing to report.
  • Hospitality

Attendance at the reception to welcome Fr. Charles to the parish had been a little disappointing.

  • Spirituality - no report available.

8 Any Other Business  

1.           Communication between the Core Group and the parish at large could be improved by

  • Speedier dissemination of Minutes
  • Updates in BE Alive
  • Invitations on the bulletin to parishioners to suggest items for discussion
  • Having a separate tab for the Core Group on the parish website. 
  1. Following the resignation of Paul Murphy, members of the RYM have continued with service to the homeless.  Those from St Margaret Mary had provided 10 new sleeping bags.
  2.  FMH – The 10am catechists have expressed concerns about the standard of cleaning in the Hall, particularly the dirtiness of the floor.

Action: AC to speak with KR/HM

9 Date of next meeting:

Wed.21st June at 8.15, (this later time because of the Novena.