Parish Core Team Minutes

Time:    Wednesday 21 June 2017 at 8pm

Venue: Hughes Room



Fr. Tim Buckley Parish Priest TBu
Chair AC
Liturgy CA
Mission JH
Catechesis TBr
Spirituality RP
Hospitality CL
Links with St Marys MZ
Administration KR



Links with schools and University FS
Administration HM
Assistant Chair NMc
              Liturgy GJ
Finance DM


1. Introductory prayer 

Fr Tim led the prayers.

2. Welcome, apologies, draft minutes and matters arising

  1. JH was thanked for her work in writing the PCT minutes for the last few years.  It was agreed that HM/KR will take on the role.
  2. The purpose of the minutes is to give overview of discussions and actions to be implemented. The minutes will be sent to the chair as soon as is possible with any redraft going to full team for approval for final draft to go in the porch and on the website
  3. Spreadsheet for ongoing actions will be discussed and updated. Action  (AC/MZ)
  4. The proposed exterior noticeboard needs to be looked at more closely. Action: further discussion to be held (AC/KR/HM)
  5. Tree felling has been carried out. Ground is in bad shape and levelling is ongoing.
  6. Because of (e) mainly the Parish Garden Party will not take place this year, but will be planned for next year.
  7. Webcam – further discussions to take place. (AC/DM)
  8. The proposed planting of bulbs by WYA group could not take place as no volunteers had come forward to prepare the ground. Action: TBr to seek volunteers from the WYA parents next year. (TBr)
  9. School Levy: £4544 is paid by the parish as school levy to the diocese.  However, as parents are also asked for School Levy in school questions were asked about where this money goes? Action: TB to check with school. (TB)
  10. F/More Hall cleaning- the cleaner has set hours per week and does not come outside of those hours.  Therefore the hall is not cleaned from Friday lunchtime till Monday lunchtime. Some weeks the Hall is used every single weekend day and so the floor becomes very dirty by the time Toddler Group uses it on Monday morning. Action: TB will speak to the cleaner to check her hours and see if there is any flexibility or what can be done to cover three/four days when no cleaning is done.  (TB)
  11. Communication from the Core Group to the wider parish will be helped by articles in BE Alive each month from each of the different areas represented (300 words approx.) starting in September. Action: Sept - AC; Oct - TBr; Nov – GJ; Dec - Christmas

3. Music Fund/Parish Music Ministry

  1. Members of the Folk Groups have asked for some equipment such as music stands. Action: Ask groups to list specific items with costings. (MZ/TBr)
  2. The Parish Organist gave a recital with a collection taken from the audience.  The use of the collection was not made clear.  Action: TB to clarify purpose of recital collection   (TB)

To note: Authorisation of Payments

Any expenditure needs to be authorised BEFORE it is incurred and then an invoice supplied to the office. If the office has not been informed of a new expenditure with the appropriate authorisation then HR/KR will check with AC (as Chair) and DM (as finance lead)  regarding authorisation. Cheques cannot be issued without proper authorisation and invoice.

4. SVP

The SVP has asked to speak at all Masses regarding their Food Bank Appeal.  This was unanimously agreed. It was suggested that any appeal for donations on a Sunday should tie in with the monthly SVP collection.   Action: AC to contact BMc inviting SVP to speak  (AC)

5. Bulletins

It has been noticed that for some time now we have a surplus of the weekly bulletin and that the Icthus for older children are not being taken.  Action 1: 10.00am Mass Welcoming Team will give out the Icthus publication to older children coming into Mass. (TBr) Action 2: Reduce number of Bulletins to 650. (KR/HM)

6. Response from Parishioners to PCT Bulletin notice

  1. Email from EN re alerting PCT to a potential clash of Parish Garden Party with the proposed Focolare event, was gratefully acknowledged
  2. Email from Andrew Sharples regarding organ lessons. Action: to be discussed further by TB and AC (TB/AC)
  3. Email from parish organist AS regarding the use of the thurible at 11.30am Mass. Unfortunately, attempts have been made over the past 2/3 years to get more altar servers at 11.30am Mass, but this has proved very difficult.  Therefore the thurible has been introduced to the 6.00pm Mass recently to train as many altar servers as possible so that the knowledge is not lost.  A minimum of 5/6 altar servers is needed in order to use the thurible

7. Updates from sub-groups

1. Catechesis


  1. First Holy Communion.  76 children made their First Holy Communion this month.  All the celebrations went well and the Celebration Mass was quite well attended. The process will start again in September
  2. There had been a meeting with the WYA catechist in St. Mary’s, and ideas had been swapped.

2. Mission – JH provided a magazine from St Anne’s Aigburth as an example of good practice

3. Liaison with schools  - no report available.

4. Liturgy – no report available

5. Finance

Income £36,478 with Expenditure £32,002 to date. Also a balance in Newspapers has been achieved for the first time in years with income £1,278; expenditure £861.

6. Administration

  1. Sometimes money is left in church for various reasons for the office to put where they think.  It was agreed that such monies should be given to the different BE charities in rotation.  These include SVP; Project Zimbabwe, One World Group and Street Child Africa Action: ongoing (HM/KR)
  2. Request from HM and KR for new compliment slips as the ones ordered by Fr Desmond have now run out.  Action: HR/KR to prices and order; but new slips to include twitter and Facebook contact information  (HR/KR)

7. Links with St Mary’s – Information is being shared between the various bulletins and websites.

MZ provided a parish calendar from St Johns, Wirral as an example of good practice

8. Hospitality

Refreshments requested to celebrate the end of the Novena after the evening Mass on the Feast Day; Action: CL to organise wine and nibbles.

9. Spirituality

RP would like to do a series of articles for BE Alive covering various aspects. Action: The articles can start in January 2018 as a follow on from other groups’ articles. (RP)

8. Any other business.

  1. TB told the meeting of his concern following an incident at a First Communion Mass. Action 1: TB will write an open letter which will be distributed to all. (TB)  Action 2: The first session for WYA 17/18 will invite parents not to sign up but to consider what the purpose of First Holy Communion preparation is really about. (TB)
  2. The PCT group were fully supportive of his stance.  
  3. Fr Richard has a template of church etiquette which will be circulated. Action MZ
  4. RCIA:  Fr Charles is interested in taking responsibility for RCIA and there is also a possibility of a Pastoral Area Initiative.
  5.  PPG – The PCT is aware that there has not been a meeting of the extended groups for a long time Action: AC to consider a way forward. (AC)

9. Date of next meeting:

Wednesday 20 September at 8.00pm in the Hughes Room