Our Lady of the Annunciation - Bishop Eton 

Parish Core Team 

Time:    Wednesday 17 January 2018 at 8pm

Venue: Monastery Library



  Fr Tim Buckley      Parish Priest       TB
    Chair  AC
      Various  CA
     Mission       JH
     Catechesis    TBr
Catherine Line  CL
Spirituality  RP
Administration  HM
Liturgy  GJ
Liturgy  SB
Assistant Chair  NMc
Links with St Mary's  MZ
Assistant Priest  CR



Links with schools and university  FS
Administration KR
Finances DM



1.Introductory prayer

NMc led the introductory prayer

2. Welcome, apologies, draft minutes and matters arising

a.  Welcome to SB, the newly appointed for Liturgy.

b.   MZ queried whether we would benefit from extending the range of music licences we hold.

Action: MZ to investigate

c. Specialist music holders are needed to clip on to the benches.

Action: SB will ask a colleague if they can make something suitable.

d, The hours and routine of the cleaner of the Fisher-More Hall to be addressed.

Action: TB to speak to the cleaner.

e. AC met with Flower Arranging Team who explained the different levels of flowers required depending on the wedding. If a couple wishes the team to provide flowers especially for their day there will be a charge of £50 and white flowers only will be provided.

Action: AC to provide leaflet to go with wedding booklet.

3. Parish Helper's Social

The evening went well and we had a good turn out considering the boiler broke! Thanks to Ann at St Mary’s and HM for organising the hire of heaters.  Thanks to CL and her team for organising the food and drinks

4. Church etiquette - standards document

Deferred to next meeting.

Action: TB to prepare

5.Response from Parishioners to PCT Bulletin notice

HM advised no notes from parishioners had been received for the agenda

6. Carol Service

  1. TB expressed thanks to all involved in both the Parish Celebration of Carols and Andrew Sharples Traditional Carol Service. Both were a huge success.
  2. MZ suggested we have some signed Carols at the next Carol Service. All agreed that would be a good idea.

Action; MZ find out what would be required.

7. Buildings

a. AC,TB,DM met John Byrne to discuss works needed to the church. TB explained the Provincial has agreed to send a Building Surveyor to discuss what work is required. A list will then be drawn up with a plan for works over the next 15 years.

Action: Update after meeting with Building Surveyor.

b. Scaffolding will be erected in the Church by the end of January to complete the painting on the Lady Chapel.


Action: SB to provide an article for Liturgy after Easter.

There were no photos of the Parish Celebration held on Friday 12 January.

Action: Article for February’s edition.  

9 Summer garden party

The Garden party date has been set for 17th June. HM has been in touch with Allerton Brass who unfortunately are unable to perform due to other commitments.

TBr has asked WYA families to attend and help out. No volunteers as yet. It was suggested that other groups such as ‘Beyond Sunday’ can be asked to volunteer also. GJ suggested someone be appointed as co-ordinator for the day.     

10. Syrian Resettlement Programme

AC expressed thanks to Sean Ryan, Caritas who addressed the congregation at each Mass last weekend. He thought we had a wonderful parish and was really impressed by the response they received.

We have had a number of parishioners coming forward to help and offer their expertise. We hope that the Parish Meeting on 23 January will be fruitful.

A fund will be set up for any donations that may be given. AC to be interviewed by Nugent Care for the role of Chair and TB to be referee.

Action: TBr and AC to attend training day with Home Office.  

AC has been approached by St Anne’s and St Hugh’s to help with their programme.  She had responded by saying that we can only consider that when our programme here at BE is up and running.  PCT members were in agreement.

JH thought it should be made clear in the bulletin that anyone can help and it is not just professional help that will be needed.

Action: HM to stress open need for all in bulletin.

Around 1000 letters have gone out through Church and Bishop Eton school.

MZ has created a Resettlement link on the website and will put the presentation on there also.

GJ explained that another parish had received criticism for going ahead with the programme in their parish. It was agreed within the group that whilst there are many different ways to help, we believe that this will be a great opportunity for the parish and the family concerned.

TB expressed thanks to all for their enthusiasm and the great atmosphere in the Church on Sunday after the Pulpit address from Ann and Sean.

11 Fisher-More Hall

Boiler is now fixed and the hall is back open.

12. Updates from sub-groups


The last meeting went well. The next three Mondays are booked for the Adult Confirmation group.

Twitter account has been set up. GJ is also working with the WYA group.


JH explained that it has become increasingly difficult to get together with CTMH as they are very busy with events in their own denominations and struggling to get responses. Whilst the group still exists it is not as demanding as it once was. JH and AC discussed the possibility of arranging ‘guided tours’ of the BE Church for schools or other groups, and will be working on information to have available in the porch. MZ suggested a deaf awareness session may be useful to people.

Action: JH asked to start preparing a visitors’ programme.


Action: SB is to have a meeting with KR and HM in the office to discuss what is required with regards to liturgy planning.

MZ suggested a ‘Come and Sing’ for musicians in the parish and maybe someone to come from outside the parish and invite any other who would like to join in.

Action: SB to come up with a plan for next meeting.


Nothing to report.


Parishioners from St Mary’s went on a Retreat, they are having a meeting on the 5 February to discuss how they can take thing forward following on from that.

AC had been asked about St Mary’s joining BE for resettlement Programme, AC explained that she had invited parishioners from St Mary’s to the meeting on 23 January.

Synod: TB has been asked to put people forward for Synod next year’s Eucharistic Congress which will involve several fringe meetings and keeping the parish updated. There will be 3 spaces for Clergy and 5 spaces for Parishioners. TB and CR had discussed who may be suitable. It was agreed that a note would go in the bulletin for people to come forward, hoping for a cross-section of people who are able to communicate well.

Action: TB to put in next bulletin notes. 

There will be a visit from the Archbishop;  all the details of visit have not yet been confirmed.

There will be a holy hour but it details not yet confirmed.


Great turn out for the Carol Services before Christmas. Both went very well.


RCIA on-going, have been asked to do The Stations of The Cross again. RP explained that people have approached her to suggest that they would like more quiet time before Mass as opposed to the Rosary which seems to go on until just before Mass. The Rosary should finish at 11.50am but often goes on after. CR suggested that we could follow St Mary’s lead and have someone to ask the congregation to join them in 2 minutes of silence before Mass.

Action: AC and TBr to pilot at 8.30 and 10.00

RP also expressed concern with regards to the narrowness of the aisle for people coming to Communion and soften a struggle when Mass is well attended.

11. Any Other Business

CR: Lent Day of Recollection for Pastoral area at St Mary’s date tbc.

MZ has asked that if any dates or details change for events advertised, let her know so that the website can be updated. MZ also requested that minutes from the meeting are published sooner.

Action; AC to approve minutes sooner, HM to publish on notice board once done so.  

GJ advised That on the 8th March he and other trainee Deacons would be recieving the ministry of acolyte at 7.30pm at St. Ann's Ormskirk.

RYM – Christmas meal on Christmas day, fundraiser will on 20 April.

12. Date of Next meeting

      Wed 7 March at 8 pm in the Hughes Room.