Our Lady of the Annunciation - Bishop Eton 

Parish Core Team


Time:    Wednesday 2nd May 2018 at 8pm

Venue: Hughes Room



Chair    AC 
 Assistant Chair   NMc 
 Various    CA
 Liturgy    SB
 Mission    JH
 Various    GJ
 Hospitality    CL
 Links with schools and university    FS
 Links with St Mary's   MZ


 Parish Priest Fr Tim Buckley  TBu
 Priest Fr Charles Randall CR
 Catechesis   TB
 Administration    KR
 Finance    DM
 Spirituality    RP
 Administration    HM


1. Introductory prayer, welcome and apologies

2. Minutes and matters arisingfrom 7 March 2018

HM has started the CCLI data audit – as part of a periodic check on licensing.

SB has written an article for May's BE Alive on 'Liturgy'

A contact has agreed to look making new music stands for the parishAction:  SB to liaise


3. Review of Holy Week and Easter Services

Parishioners had expressed appreciation of the well-organised and impressive liturgies on the various days, flower arrangements, altar-servers and the WYA children.  It was pleasing to have so many people involved who have not been part of the team before.

Next year: a note in the bulletin to arrange lifts with DBS-checked volunteers for those who find it difficult to attend, or who are anxious when returning to an empty house at night.

Action: an entry to be made in the office diary to this effect: HM

4. Accidents in Church and on Site

Shortcomings in the provision of First Aid supplies had been exposed during a recent accident at 8.30 Mass.

A professional First Aid Kit has been supplied by a GP parishioner for future use.  A defibrillator and oxygen will also be made available following medical advice.  A new HSE accident book was also purchased since none was made available by sacristans.

Action: Defib and oxygen to be purchased following advice on purchase from two parishioners who are medics.  AC/HM                        

Action: Sacristans to be informed, and also to be reminded that all accidents must be entered into the Accident Book: JH

Action: a notice regarding the location of the first aid equipment to be placed in the church porch and also in sacristy: HM

Action: First aid kit to be kept up to date when items have been used: HM

5. Summer Garden Party

Proceeds to Project Zimbabwe.  This year, in September, FS will visit Zimbabwe for 3 weeks with a parishioner, who is a final year music student.  One of the projects whilst there will be teaching children and staff music, including how to play the recorder.  FS hopes to take 48 recorders to Zimbabwe.

The Garden Party will take place in the monastery garden on Sunday, June 17th.

The WYA children will attend in the morning to plant bulbs, following their 'reunion' First Holy Communion Mass.  The afternoon will have the usual successful mix of activities, BBQ, live music with Benchmark, Irish Dancers and a clown.  The Justice& Peace Youth Group will provide face painting and children’s games.  Those attending will be asked to bring their own chairs and blankets to supplement those provided. Tickets are printed

There will be a meeting on 12th June at 7.30pm in the Hughes Room to arrange volunteers to man the BBQ and to help set up tables etc.

Action: Notice for bulletin  ahead of 12 June inviting volunteers to meeting: FS/HM

6. Bishop Eton Resettlement Programme update

 A newsletter for April had been produced.  Rapid progress has been made in all Home Office criteria due to the hard work and good will of very many parishioners.  The Steering Group is ready to put the first stage plan before the Home Office.  This will be submitted to Nugent, as lead sponsor on 9 May. 

However, a home has yet to be found for the family in or near to the parish.  This is the most challenging aspect in an area of high housing cost

7 Items arising from requests and bulletin notice

No items had been submitted.


The Data Protection Act comes into force on May 25th.  The parish must ensure that it is compliant.  MZ has contacted the Archdiocese for some guidance regarding best practice for obtaining consent and training of volunteers.  There had been no guidance from the Archdiocese, but it is hoped that training will be rolled out eventually.

Action: photographs will be removed from the parish website if permission to display them has not been recorded: MZ

Action: a data audit spreadsheet will be compiled and discussed at the next Core Group meeting: MZ

9. Updates from sub-groups


  1. Parish groups which have access to children or vulnerable adults are reminded that they must submit a list of the volunteers involved so that DBS status can be checked. This applies to new members as well. Action to send to KR
  2. The Parish Directory. It is not feasible to produce this as a regular feature of the BE Alive, as the number of pages is limited. Admin suggests a hand-out to be given in September, and when new parishioners join.  The Chair emphasised that the long-term plan is to produce a new Parish Directory.


WYA was going well. First Communions will take place on May 19th and 20th, with about 70 children taking part


No report tabled


Nothing new to report


It is hoped that schools will donate recorders to be taken to Zimbabwe for music teaching.


The proposed ‘Come and Sing’ music event will now take place in September.


  1. St. Mary’s is working to become a ‘Dementia Friendly Parish’ and will be holding a dementia friendly ‘Afternoon Tea and sing-a-long ’ on May 25th all are welcome.
  2. St Mary’s parish listeners have started their work of listening. This is hoped to provide answers to the question of ‘What Next’ asked in the parish priest’s open letter.  The findings will be fed into the Synod 2020 process


A talk had been given by JH at All Hallows Mothers Union on ‘Catholic customs – have you ever wondered why?;’


Exposition from 11 am until 12 noon Mass on Wednesdays has been initiated and was well-supported and valued.  It is recognised that people travel to Bishop Eton from across Merseyside to take worship at the Exposition.  Cancellations cause disappointment, therefore should it be necessary on occasion to cancel a notice will be publicised on the website

Action: RP to alert such worshipers to the website

11. Any Other Business

 CA raised the issue of the difficulty clergy may have in accessing the sanctuary via steps.  PCT agreed that it is important that no clergy be unable to access the sanctuary and that the church would benefit from purchasing a suitably movable ramp

Action: The deacon to be asked to provide a moveable ramp: FS

12. Date of Next meeting

       Date of next meeting – Wednesday 20 June 8 pm, Hughes Room.