Our Lady of the Annunciation - Bishop Eton 

Parish Core Team


Time:    Monday 2nd  July 2018 at 7.30 pm

Venue: Hughes Room



Chair    AC 
 Various    CA
 Liturgy    SB
 Mission    JH
 Hospitality    CL
 Links with schools and university    FS
 Links with St Mary's   MZ
 Spirituality   RP


 Parish Priest Fr Tim Buckley  TBu 
 Priest Fr Charles Randall CR
 Catechesis   TB
 Administration    KR
 Finance    DM
 Administration    HM
Various    GJ
Assistant Chair    N Mc


1. Introductory prayer, welcome and apologies

2. Minutes and matters arisingfrom 2nd May 2018

  1. A volunteer has agreed to make 4 new music stands for the parish.

  2. RP to take responsibility for alerting attendees of the Wednesday morning Exposition if any cancellations were planned. This would include the advice to check on the parish website.

  3. Members of the Core Group to send in a written report if unable to attend a meeting. 

    Action :
    This reminder to go out with the meeting agenda. (AC).

  4. A ramp to enable wheelchair users to access the Sanctuary was still under consideration.

    Action:This to be followed up. (FS).

  5. First aid equipment is needed for the Fisher-More Hall. 

    Action : This to be sourced, together with a sticker to publicise where it is kept
    . (HM).

  6. Some doubt had been expressed concerning the necessity of oxygen being provided.

    : this to be checked with a doctor. (AC)


3. GDPR & Copyright

HM and MZ have gone through all the questions on the CCLI health check but need some clarification on some questions from parish groups before submitting it.

Both the Redemptorists of the London Province and the Archdiocese of Liverpool have appointed Data Protection officers.  Amongst the DPOs responsibilities is ensuring that the organisation understands 'data rights and data responsibilities'.  

Among a user’s rights is the right to be forgotten. However, this has limits and it is important that the admin staff know that certain records such as Gift Aid and DBS have to be kept until the legal requirement to do so has expired. 

Action : Contact Archdiocese's DPO to clarify areas of responsibility and uncertainty. (MZ)

4. Summer Garden Party and Project Zimbabwe news

The Garden Party was extremely well-attended, and made £1,900 for Project Zimbabwe.  There was a disappointing lack of volunteers to do the heavy lifting, and also to prepare the ground for the First Communicants bulb-planting. Thanks to the J and P Youth Group were expressed by the Chair on behalf of the Core Group for taking over this latter task, and also for their help with children’s activities on the day.

FS and a young parishioner will to spend three weeks in Zimbabwe from 3rd September, and will take goods bought with this money. The original plan to take recorders has been dropped because of hygiene worries, but percussion instruments will be taken instead, together with toothbrushes, a donated overhead projector and donated football items.

The next fundraiser will be an Art Sale with cheese and wine on 10th August, showcasing the work of Fr. Michael Hennessy

5. Bishop Eton Resettlement Programme Update

Following the submission of the Resettlement Plan, appendices and application form at the end of May, Home Office staff will meet with BE steering group to assess Pre-Approval on 6 August.  Attendees will include Bishop Tom Williams, the Director and staff from Nugent and Liverpool City Council.

6. Items arising from requests and bulletin notice

No items had been submitted.

7. Updates from sub-groups


Provision of First Aid supplies already covered.  Defib to be purchased

Regarding progress on maintenance and building work, no update had been received from the Archdiocese, nor from the Redemptorists’ own surveyor.


A meeting to review the WYA programme in the parish will be held shortly.

The RCIA course is to start again in September.


No report tabled - report to follow


Refreshments for the celebration at the end of the Novena had been provided, and another event was to follow Fr. Callaghan’s Diamond Jubilee Mass


Justice and Peace Youth Group have around 40 young people on the list, with attendance of around 30. They are currently working towards the different levels in the Faith In Action scheme.


Since the last PCT meeting, the Novena has taken place which was well supported. There were also some useful learning points to take from this which would inform the planning for future services and liturgical events.


  1. The Listening Process is now drawing to a conclusion and the collation team will prepare a report over the summer for presentation to Fr, Tim and St. Mary’s parish.
  2. The Dementia-friendly Afternoon Tea and Sing-along was a great success. A similar event will be held on the last Friday of every month, 2 pm – 4 pm. It is open to all, and especially to people with dementia and their carers.
  3. Pilgrimage to Rome and Assisi, Oct 2019. To date, 41 people have signed up for this, including 5 from Bishop Eton
  4. St Mary’s now has a new email address: . Emails to the previous address will be forwarded for 6 months.


Childwall Valley Methodist Church has closed its building in Score Lane and for the immediate future at least is using rooms in Hope Uni.

JH hopes to arrange joint events in due course.


The 5 parish representatives have been announced for Adoremus. RP will attend independently. There will be fringe events over the weekend of 7th and 8th September – see parish website.

8. Any Other Business

  1. The question of lack of space on the existing bulletin format was raised. 

     Follow up the possibility of a larger bulletin. (HM)

  2. It has been noticed that drivers have been parking on the double-yellow lines opposite the church door, which has caused problems for other drivers, including. bin lorries. 

    Action : 
    Liaise with John Byrne once the legal situation has been clarified, with the possibility of painting wider lines or cross-hatching. (JH).

  3. The action spreadsheet has not been updated for a while. .

    Circulation of a regular spreadsheet to all Core Group members, detailing actions to be completed. (MZ).

  4. A method to readily identify the usage of the Hughes room is needed..

    Action: Bookings calendar to be put up in the Hughes Room
    , so that bookings for a particular date can be easily checked. (FS)

9. Date of Next meeting

       Date of next meeting – Wednesday 26th September