Our Lady of the Annunciation - Bishop Eton 

Parish Core Team


Time:    Wednesday 14th November 2018 at 8pm

Venue: Hughes Room



Chair   AC 
Assistant Chair   NMc
 Mission JH
 Various GJ
 Links with St Mary's  MZ
Parish Priest Fr Tim Buckley TB
Catechesis   TBr
Administration   KR
Finance DM
Spirituality   RP
Administration   HM


 Various   CA
 Liturgy SB
 Hospitality CL
 Links with Schools & University FS
 Priest Fr Charles Randall CR


1. Introductory prayer, welcome and apologies

2. Minutes and matters arising not covered by the agenda

  • The Archdiocesan DPO (Data Protection officer) is in the process of producing an updated consent form which will be sent to all parishes when complete. The DPO is also working on an Archdiocesan photography and social media policy.  Procedures once complete will be accessible to the parish administrators via the Archdiocese’s intranet. 
  • A defibrillator is still in the process of being sourced.

ACTION: AC to speak to Dominic with regards to funding. (AC)

ACTION: KR to look at getting one free from ambulance service.  (HM/KR)

  • Fisher-More Hall: John B spoke to DM after last meeting and it was agreed that work in the hall would be looked at once the works on the church are arranged and in hand.
  • Works to the church: The surveyors have been and provided a list of work required in the church. A running order of jobs required in priority order needs to be provided to the council to review.
  • Catechesis: TBr had identified a few new catechists for the children’s liturgy but more were needed. Notice in the bulletin for volunteers. ACTION: TBr to email HM. (TBr/HM)

Correction to Previous minutes GJ is not a member of an Archdiocesan steering group for Adoremus – he is a member of the theological sounding board for the SYNOD.


3. Dementia Awareness

 The Archdiocese is a member of the ‘Dementia Action Alliance’ and has published an action plan. The long-term aim is "for every parish to have a Dementia Friends Champion who would take an active part in developing a network of Dementia Friends in the church and parish".  (Dementia Champions can present information sessions. Dementia Friends are aware and have a commitment to help and support, but without obligation).

The Archdiocese can organise a Dementia Awareness session; open to all, but of particular use to those most likely to encounter people with dementia in their roles eg SVP, Eucharistic Ministers, Reception, welcomers.

A Dementia nurse is willing to lead a session at BE.  

LACE has provided some information which identifies 4 key problem areas: church entrance, toilets, sanctuary and parish hall. Simple changes, for example, to the toilets such as seats in a contrasting colour could be introduced as and when those items need replacing. 

There was discussion about the development/promotion of one Sunday Mass as Dementia Friendly;

St Mary’s hold a monthly dementia friendly tea dance which is supported by local business’ and is going from strength to strength.  All are welcome to attend the next session on 30th Nov. 

St Mary's will also be holding an open day in the new year with stalls from local solicitors, Age UK etc, the stalls will be able to offer advice on dementia-related problems  

ACTION: Contact LACE for a date and advertise in bulletin and magazine  (MZ/HM)

4. Christmas Services

  • Nugent Toy Collection will be held on Sunday 2 December.

ACTION: HM to put a notice in the bulletin two weeks before. (HM)

  • SVP Healing Mass will be on Saturday 8 December.
  • Reconciliation Service will be held at BE on Tuesday 11 December.
  • Parish Celebration of Carols will be held on Tuesday 18 December.

ACTION: TBr coordinate for service sheets. CL to arrange refreshments of mince pies and mulled wine afterwards.  (TBr and CL)

  • Traditional Carols will be held on Saturday 22 December.

Action: CL to provide refreshments of mulled wine and mince pies afterwards. (CL)

  • Midnight Mass was discussed as the idea was raised that an earlier time such as 9pm.  After discussion, it was agreed to leave timing as it is.
  • Family Mass: Children of Year 4 age or older can sit on the Altar for Mass. It must be made clear that no younger children are allowed due to H&S reasons.
  • Christmas prep meeting on week of 12 December at 8.00pm to discuss liturgy and logistics.

ACTION: HM to book a room. (HM)

Other upcoming events:

  • Parish Helpers Social:  11 January
  • Benchmark fundraiser: 18 January

ACTION: HM to book FMH

5. Bishop Eton Resettlement Programme - Update

  • The Home Office have now agreed to repay 8 weeks rent back to BE for void property.
  • Approval of plan was given on 16 October and the family have been selected and will arrive in the near future.
  • BE is the first group in Liverpool and in the Archdiocese to have been approved by the Home Office.
  • Prayers to continue.

6. Parish Open Meeting

  • The Principal of Liverpool College will chair the meeting. The question was raised as to why we are linking Synod to the questionnaire and the reason will be explained to clear up any confusion in the bulletin this week.

ACTION: TB to write note for bulletin. (TB)

  • If Synod is to be a success, we must engage people and work together.

ACTION: HM & MZ, letter from the Pope and General will be made available in the porch and links to the letters have been on the website prior to the meeting. (HM/MZ)

  • One representative is required from each parish at the Synod. The pastoral area will also form a group of eight to represent various areas eg youth, education…
  • Official Synod website has lots of information on it. https://synod2020.co.uk/  
  • Once selected the Synod rep should be invited to join the core team.

7. Updates from sub-groups


  • Need to arrange a list of costing for grounds maintenance so that regular clearing of leaves etc can be arranged.

ACTION: HM to ask John B. (HM)

  • SPUC: Request for White Flower appeal. It was decided not this year as so many appeals at the moment.


  • 68 children for WYA. First meeting was a success and Reconciliation coming up.
  • Two people have come forward to be Confirmed in Lent. The Marriage prep course will be held on 1 December which may bring others forward. 


Handout given of six-month review which showed a deficit. This is understood to be due to wage reimbursement to the Redemptorists for the cleaning of the church and a rise in insurance premium.  

ACTION: DM to speak to the Rector to discuss option of shopping around for a better deal on insurance. (DM)

ACTION: HM to speak to Redemptorist publications to reduce items that are not used and often wasted. (HM)


Dates given for Christmas events and Parish celebration.


  • Through J&P a sponsored walk was organised to raise money for BERG (Bishop Eton Resettlement Group).
  • Jumpers for J&P were sourced and distributed to the group. 
  • Archbishop is dropping into the next J&P meeting. Faith in Action – J&P continuing the programme with the children.


 Handout given for ‘Just Sing’ which A singing workshop - an opportunity to be ‘be brave’ and try out new things. The day will cost £300. Both parishes will be invited and possibly open to the pastoral area.

ACTION: SB to advise planning team that if a creche is set up those manning it must have DBSs with the parish. (SB)


i)A special Christmas Dementia Afternoon Tea and sing-a-long will take place on 30th November all welcome.

ii) A community theatre is being introduced. First session on 3rd December and will be held once a month. Open to all in years 6 to 10. 

iii) St Mary’s is holding a meeting to refresh their parish team. Details will follow in due course.


RCIA is going well with 5 candidates from BE. The Bible study group has 10 people. Exposition on Wednesday is going well.


  • Further contact was planned with the Liverpool Muslim community.
  • Walking group has ceased until the new year

Action: a poster will go the porch to advertise beforehand (JH)

8. Any Other Business

Letter received from a parishioner was discussed. Each item was given to the relevant subgroup for consideration where necessary.

9. Date of Next meeting

       Date of next meeting – 9th January 2019