The Church-porch has a wide selection of Catholic Newspapers and Magazines.

There are also many posters that tell you of events in and around the parish. Please note that permission should be sought from the parish office to place posters in the porch. If no permission has been granted the posters may be removed.

For full details regarding posters in the Church and Porch. Please click here.

The Papers and Magazines available are as below prices listed are correct as of February 2020.

Paper/Magazine  Price 
 Advent/ Lent Extra  £2.20
 Archdiocesan Directory  £3.50
 Catholic Herald  £3.00
 Catholic Pictorial  Free
 Catholic Times  £1.50
 Living Faith  £1.00
 Magnificat  £4.99
 New  City  £2.50
 Reality  £2.00
 Tablet  £4.00
 The Universe  £1.50

Throughout the year leaflets and prayer cards are available.

Here in the virtual porch you will find copies of posters and leaflets from the porch. 

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