APF Mill Hill

missioMISSIO Mill Hill:

Total of donations from Bishop Eton for 2017 is £7169.39. Many thanks to all box holders, and promoters for their work.will be emptying the red   boxes in the next few weeks. If anyone would like a red box or willing to help collect, contact Ann Monaghan 737 1599.

missioIn 2011 APF/Mill Hill marked its 75th birthday with 22 Masses being held across the dioceses of England and Wales. They were all well supported, and the final one was celebrated at Westminster Cathedral by Archbishop Vincent Nicholls. It was in 1936 that the little red plywood boxes first became part of the furniture in Catholic homes, with all family members being encouraged "to give to the missions". The money was used to train priests before they were dispatched overseas to spread the good news - many not to return, because of illness, old age, even murder. One much missioner, Father Patrick Littlewood, returned recently after a life spent in Kenya, Cameroon, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, working with the native peoples. Sadly he died this year.

Liverpool Archdiocese has always been generous to APF/Mill Hill, and Archbishop Patrick will host a reception in the Fisher More Hall in January at which the organisation's national patron, Frank Cottrell Boyce, and parish secretaries will be invited to plan for the future, for the next seventy-five years. New and youthful ambassadors are needed. The dedicated priests who once conducted appeals from the pulpits on World Mission Sunday are in short supply - APF/Mill Hill needs young people. Many parish secretaries, treasurers and collectors, though still active, are growing older, so it is vitally important that Catholic families inspire the youth to have Catholic missions in their thoughts. APF/Mill Hill or MISSIO or MISSIO have a heritage of which we should be proud. It should be treasured, staying high on the agenda in every household.

Well done to our box holders and collectors - a successful part of one of the leading dioceses in England and Wales.

Ann Monaghan Secretary

Dave Hart Treasurer