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Mental Health Awareness Week


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Here are some links that may be of use to those struggling or for those concerned about a loved one.
The Mental Health foundation have produced a pack to help you spread kindness, click here for a copy, or visit their support page


Unfortunately, even during the lockdown, there are still safeguarding issues as individuals find new ways to target the vulnerable. We received an email from the Safeguarding department this week and would like to share it with as many of our parishioners as possible, and especially if you can share with neighbours, family and friends who do not receive the bulletin online.

By now, sadly, you will have also seen a number of news reports that some groups that have been using videoconferencing, social media etc to support their work have sadly also experienced some quite nasty and distressing incidents. There have been a number of reports of Zoom calls being Zoombombed (an individual intrudes uninvited into a Zoom call) and distributing distressing material or comments, live streams being hacked, and people joining online groups with the intention of grooming children and young people.

CSAS have put together the attached guidance document in respect of using videoconferencing for ministry, which will hopefully support you and give you confidence in using technology during ministry safely. Please do use the guidance in considering any form of online ministry, and review your procedures in light of the guidance. 


I would also suggest that enclosed in this document is a section of ‘Useful links and resources for internet safety’ within this document. CSAS have hyperlinked a number of really informative charities that I use regularly to inform my practice, and I find really helpful as a parent. It may be helpful to share those links with your parish communities, as parents and carers try to guide children and young people through our accelerated use of an online world.

I would also draw your attention to sections 8 & 9 of the CSAS Creating a Safer Environment document which also has guidance on the use of technology, and photography and filming including live streaming church services."

Any questions on either document should be sent to 


If you are concerned about the welfare of a child or adult at risk, do not delay in contacting the police, using 999 if a child or adult is believed to be in immediate danger. It is the policy of the Catholic Church in England and Wales to report all allegations of abuse to statutory authorities, regardless of whether the abuse occurred recently or in the past, or whether the accused person is living or deceased.

If you are in any role within the Catholic Church in England and Wales, you must refer allegations directly to the safeguarding office for your diocese or religious congregation, or directly to the Police. If you are a member of the public, please refer allegations directly to the police and also to the safeguarding office in your diocese; (the relevant Diocesan safeguarding office can be located using the interactive map on the links page of the CSAS website - contact details will be shown when you click on the relevant area of the map). You can also contact CSAS by telephoning 0207 901 1920 or via email at  

May's edition of the Catholic Pictorial is now available at


Cardinal Nichols held a Thanksgiving Mass following the 2 minutes silence at 11am on Friday 8th May. Click below to learn more and to read Cardinal Nichol’s homily.

We may not be able to produce our regular BE Alive magazine because of Lockdown, but our resident poet is still taking inspiration from the world around her and has sent in a poem, which we publish below:

            There is a Time…………..

We live in an unpredictable world.

Despite the fonts of knowledge,

Accumulated across the centuries,

We are not Gods.

Message from Archbishop Malcolm on Vocations Sunday

CTMH 1 IconCTMH Update 1.5.20


In the 1st May Update from Hope Together Roy Crowne writes:

‘See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland’ (Isaiah 43:19)Back in 2019 as we dreamed what 2020 would look like we wrote: ‘Imagine your church at the heart of your community as a beacon of hope for the least, the lost and the lonely. Imagine your neighbourhood transformed as the network of people connected with members of your church discover fresh hope as they come to know Jesus’ love for themselves….Many individuals and ministries are sensing that 2020 is a significant year in which we will see the church in the UK grow.’We had no idea how God would work in this year. Now we see many people looking in on virtual church services and searching online for ‘How to Pray’ and ‘Peace with God’. We are committed to supporting the local church through this season, helping churches to make Jesus known with words and action together. We are developing new online resources and praying that churches will seize the opportunities of this new day, to help people find the hope they are looking for – hope found in Jesus.

Roy Crowne

HOPE Together's Executive Director 


Please find here a message from the five Metropolitan Archbishops of England and Wales.





cafodCAFOD Emergency Appeal Re Coronairus

CAFOD, our Catholic Agency for Overseas Development, launched its coronavirus emergency appeal on 30 April. 

Coronavirus (Covid-19) has now spread worldwide, with confirmed cases in many countries where CAFOD works. The effects of coronavirus on developing countries are likely to be devastating. Many countries have very weak healthcare systems and will not be able to cope. Families without enough to eat and without access to clean water, possibly living with other diseases, will be particularly vulnerable to coronavirus. It is not just a public health emergency. Many of the world’s most vulnerable people will lose their jobs and be unable to support their families. The poorest and most marginalised communities, working hard to transform their lives, will be pushed further into poverty.

CAFOD is adapting its programmes to help manage the risk of coronavirus in communities and working with local Church aid agencies on the frontline of this crisis. They are already working to get food to where it is needed most; to improve hygiene, handwashing and sanitation in communities and households; producing radio messages, posters and leaflets in local languages on risks and prevention; and training community volunteers to carry out awareness campaigns. In order to continue protecting and improving the lives of those in poor communities, your prayers and gifts are needed now more than ever. While we are not able to hold collections in our church, you can donate at