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cakesOn 29th April, The One World Group held an Afternoon Cream Tea with beautiful home-made sandwiches and delicious cakes.  Supporting us on this occasion, was Pat who works at Booker Florist with her wonderful flower arranging demonstrations and not forgetting her good humour.   On behalf of the One World Group, thank you so much to Pat and also our supporters for the event.  We raised approx £730.00. Click here for some photos.

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The One World AGM took place on 9th February.

While we have operated this year with a smaller Committee, we have been lucky to be able to draw on help from non-committee members for our events. We are extremely grateful to all of you and take this opportunity to thank you for all your help.

We would also like to thank all of you who have supported these events and our fundraising activities generally. We also will take this opportunity to thank our partners and families for their continued help and support.

Although there were fewer OWG events in 2011, we were still successful in our fundraising. We are therefore pleased to report that we are again in a position to allocate funding to some of our African projects to Fr Max, The Chigwell Sisters, Sister Helena from the Notre Dame Sisters and another pending.

If you would be interested in becoming part of The One World Group as a non-committee helper or indeed a committee member, please contact Cath McVey on 722 3680

We are pleased to announce tentative dates for your diary of some forthcoming planned fundraising events

29th April (tba) Afternoon Cream Tea in the Fisher-More Hall

30th June A "Midsummer Evening" at Childwall Golf Club.

July (tba) Crosby Orchestra

14th October Lunch at 60 Hope Street

24th November or 1 December Wine Tasting Evening (tba)

Teresa Jackson, Chairperson


Please read the Holy Land Coordination 2012 Final Communique, which can be accessed by clicking here. The Communique is a statement from a group or Bishops/ Archbishops including Archbishop Patrick Kelly.

An account of the recent visit of Archbishop Patrick Kelly and Fr Mark Madden to Nablus can be found on the Archdiocesan web-site. Please click here to access it.

missioIn 2011 APF/Mill Hill marked its 75th birthday with 22 Masses being held across the dioceses of England and Wales. They were all well supported, and the final one was celebrated at Westminster Cathedral by Archbishop Vincent Nicholls. It was in 1936 that the little red plywood boxes first became part of the furniture in Catholic homes, with all family members being encouraged "to give to the missions". The money was used to train priests before they were dispatched overseas to spread the good news - many not to return, because of illness, old age, even murder. One much missioner, Father Patrick Littlewood, returned recently after a life spent in Kenya, Cameroon, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, working with the native peoples. Sadly he died this year.

Liverpool Archdiocese has always been generous to APF/Mill Hill, and Archbishop Patrick will host a reception in the Fisher More Hall in January at which the organisation's national patron, Frank Cottrell Boyce, and parish secretaries will be invited to plan for the future, for the next seventy-five years. New and youthful ambassadors are needed. The dedicated priests who once conducted appeals from the pulpits on World Mission Sunday are in short supply - APF/Mill Hill needs young people. Many parish secretaries, treasurers and collectors, though still active, are growing older, so it is vitally important that Catholic families inspire the youth to have Catholic missions in their thoughts. APF/Mill Hill or MISSIO or MISSIO have a heritage of which we should be proud. It should be treasured, staying high on the agenda in every household.

Well done to our box holders and collectors - a successful part of one of the leading dioceses in England and Wales.

Ann Monaghan Secretary

Dave Hart Treasurer

FHL logoCurrent Projects 

 Father Mark Madden and Friends of the Holy Land are supporting two projects at the moment:

St Martha's House , a centre in Bethlehem where elderly women can meet, eat and pray together. There is no state welfare for the elderly and many of their family members have been forced to migrate.

Olive Trees can be purchased, planted and dedicated by name, for £25 each. Half of the fee is used to provide scholarships to Bethlehem University.

If you require further information, or would like to be actively involved, please contact Dave Hart on 0151 722 4656 or contact the parish office.

Other useful contacts

Bethlehem University website

Friends of the Holy Land Website

O Little Town of Bethlehem

Bethlehem, the City of David, where the birth of a child in a stable was heralded by angels, and visited by shepherds from the surrounding hills, is celebrated throughout Christendom in December. Traditionally celebrations continue until the twelfth night, representing the arrival of the wise men bearing gifts, and also bringing a warning that enabled the Holy Family to seek safe refuge to the south, in Egypt.

Vatican news reported a record number of pilgrims, over 200,000, heading towards Bethlehem for Christmas 2011.

On the feast of the Epiphany 2012 some "wise men of Liverpool" will be joining the throngs, Archbishop Patrick and Fr. Mark Madden among them. The arrival of so many pilgrims and distinguished visitors will make it a joyful time for the people of Bethlehem, so isolated and yet with a population that is thirty five per cent Christian. Their morale will surely be boosted with the knowledge that there are people outside the wall who care about them. Sadly they have been let down again by custodial disputes between rival Christian clerics, as so quickly seized upon and reported by the British media.

The tragedy of recent history has changed the City of David. On many of the surrounding hills are the high rise flats of the illegal Israeli settlements, linked by new roads to cater for the annual quota of immigrants. The city is now surrounded by a nine metre high concrete wall, with one point of exit and entry for the Palestinian residents and visitors. Would the three kings have been allowed through the checkpoint?

Much of the land used for grazing and olive groves has been taken. I suspect that the angels would have had major logistical problems finding the shepherds today. Palestinian homes, and the centuries old olive groves, the traditional sign of legal possession, are being ruthlessly bull-dozed to make way for "the wall" despite protestations from both the Vatican and the UN.

Joseph and Mary were able to return to their homes, unlike the refugees of today. In the last twenty years the Christian population of the Holy Land has declined from thirty per cent to little more than one per cent. Whilst the people, especially the children, are of a happy disposition, the privations have proved too much for many. Young and old have left to seek employment, families to seek a safe place to raise their children, a place where basic essentials such as drinking water are guaranteed. In spite of this Bethlehem University stands like a beacon above the city, alive with enthusiastic and determined students whose hope and vision is for a future Palestine where Jew, Christian and Moslem can return to a life that their grandparents once shared and enjoyed together. The De La Salle brothers are proud of the integration they are achieving amongst the students.

In 2012 why not display the crib in your home until February 2nd, the Feast of the Presentation. Like the kings, make a special visit on the Epiphany in solidarity with the Christians in the land of Jesus, and their visitors from Liverpool

Dave Hart

FHL logoPlease pray for the beleaguered Christian communities in the Holy Land as Christmas approaches.

Midday Mass on Saturday 3rd December at Bishop Eton will be offered for peace and justice in the Holy Land.

If you would like to contribute towards the St Martha’s House Project please use the FHL envelopes which will be available at the back of church on the 10th and 11th of December. Funds are being raised to provide residential care for elderly women, and will be taken to Nablus in the new year by Fr. Mark Madden.

To see a gallery of photos of St Martha's House please click here.

The One World Group would like to thank all those who have supported our fundraising events that we have held this year. All the events have been so well attended and the atmosphere has been lovely. We would like to highlight the events and the money raised through your generous support be it through your attendance or kind donations.

  • Our year began in style with a Chinese Buffet in the Fisher-More Hall this January. The musical entertainment was provided by a cabaret singer and disco. The night was solely for the benefit of the Zimbabwe project and what a great night it was! A staggering £2,777 was raised.
  • On 20th March, we held our Sunday Afternoon Cream Tea with beautiful home-made sandwiches and delicious cakes. Supporting us on this and indeed on one or two other occasions, was Margaret with her wonderful flower arranging demonstrations. We raised £749.20.
  • 25th June was our "Midsummer Evening" at Childwall Golf Club. What a great venue, food, disco and fun. We raised £1,357.80.
  • 17th September saw the return of the ever popular Safari Supper where lovely culinary dishes were shared at different locations. A good time was had by all and £305 was raised in the process.
  • For our final event of the year, on 16th October we hosted a "Sunday Lunch" at 60 Hope Street. We had a really good turn out in a great venue, good food and a lovely relaxed atmosphere (by popular request we are planning to repeat this in the Spring – watch this space!). The amount raised £612.

Once again on behalf of the One World Group, thank you all so much for supporting these events. As you know, all funds raised do go to our projects in Africa.

Teresa Jackson , One World Group

FHL logoThe Friends of the Holy Land Newsletter is now available by clicking here.

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