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A new safeguarding team is now in place and learning the ropes.

Please help them by responding quickly to requests to fill in forms and bring in ID for verification.

If you are hoping to start a new volunteer role in September eg Toddler Group, J&P Group, music groups Little Church etc please contact the Safeguarding Team on the email above to start the process as soon as possible. Because of changes and an overhaul of the process it can take a few months to process to be completed.

You may not start in your role until we have been notified by the Archdiocese that you have a clear DBS. Thank you for your cooperation and patience.

If you have any concerns or just want advise please email the parish's dedicated email address or contact the Safeguarding Office at the Archdiocese.

You may be interested to know that the Archdiocese regularly produces a safeguarding newsletter which you can access by clicking here


 Thankyou from Nugent

Nugent thankyou

 A big thank you to everyone at Our Lady of the Annunciation Bishop Eton, for their extremely generous donations of nappies, baby wipes and cereal that have been donated in recent weeks. The response to the appeal put out by the Justice & Peace Youth Group has been incredible.

Everyone at Nugent is very appreciative of the kind donations given, and these will help local families over the coming summer holiday break.

Project Zimbabwe - Tile appeal

ZimbabwetilesFrances explains why we hope to tile 3 classrooms in Zimbabwe

It was almost my last week and I spent it with the young children at the Mavambo Learning Centre. I watched the children before school trying to get rid of the dust from the concrete floors and then, using a rag, to try to polish it. As they did this, their eyes streamed with the dust and the only clothes they had were being covered in grease from the rag. It was upsetting.

The teachers were asking for tiles. I remembered Bro. David saying this on my first visit. Could this be our next project?

 I measured each classroom and then went to speak to Bro. Benjamin to arrange a quote. A man came and measured the classrooms so as to give a quote for the work. Hotfoot into Bro. Benjamin on the Fri-day morning, (I was leaving on the following Wednesday), he asked if I  had received the email with the quote. My response was “You are having a laugh”.

Armed with a list of places to buy tiles, I was off driving round Harare. Back in Alphonse House with my scale drawing and with Bro. David, we had a quote that was do-able.

With a grid to represent the tiles for each class we hope that the parish and friends would like to donate a tile for £4 and put their name (or the name of someone they want to dedicate the tile to) on the grid. When all three cards are filled in we will have enough for the project. I will take the cards over and hang them in the rooms in Zimbabwe.

Fr Barrie’s name is already on one of the tiles. The sale of the tiles began at the Garden Party on 30th June and continues at the monastery until all are sold.


Nugent say Thank you to our Justice and Peace Group

WYA - Hydrangea planting

On the feast of Corpus Christi the children who followed the With You Always programme had a celebration Mass. After the Mass they accompanied Fr Andrew into the monastery garden to plant a Hydrangea bush. The Hydrangea will be a permanent reminder of the occasion and is a symbol of their growth in faith. Last year bulbs were planted.

Below are a few photos from the planting ceremony

WYA Clematis 1

The two stars on the wall record the year of the planting of the bulbs and Hydrangea

The Justice and Peace group sponsored walk for Nugent

Pulpit Swap Sunday 30th June

Once again the priests of the Pastoral Area will be exchanging pulpits as a sign of our desire to work more and more collaboratively. We welcome Fr Stephen Pritchard, our Dean from Our Lady of the Assumption to Bishop Eton.

Because of the special nature of the Creation Mass at 10.00am, I have assured Fr Stephen that I will look after that celebration. 

The priests of the PA have felt called to have an ever-expanding ecclesial heart rather than a parochial heart, this has meant that they have been looking at ways to grow together to best serve the parish the priests will better be able to get to know different communities and people will be able to connect with priests from different local parishes. Please keep in your prayers the Pastoral Area initiatives at this time.

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