BEgreenjpgCTMH BULLETIN 19.3.20 

Within the last few days and in line with Government and National Church Advice,  all the events included in this Bulletin and other events at many of our churches have been cancelled until further notice. 

This includes the Liverpool Passion which has been postponed until Easter 2021., the Christian Aid Conference this Saturday, the EHD Film Evenings and a  B tales event on Saturday 11th April.  

The CTMH walking group meetings have been cancelled until further notice.


With regard to this we have also cancelled the CTMH Stall at Allerton Road Farmers Market.    Apart from the immediate precautions the events and Easter services we were due to promote have either been cancelled already or are now being considered.   This decision has been expressed to the local Liberal Democrats who graciously provide the stall free of charge as a community service.  They support the decision and are asking the council if the market is to go ahead. 


This will be a challenging time, but the challenges are also an opportunity for the Church, please read through this bulletin including the reflections at the end.


Hope Together have produced a Good neighbours Scheme “Help and Hope” Card with versions which is designed to be distributed with or without the magazine and provide an invite for people who are self isolating to contact their local church or other group who can offer help or friendship.   This is available from the  HOPE website


SLLL are closing their weekly over 60’s group at Mossley Hill Church, but are continuing to offer friendship and support to anyone over 65 who is isolated through their  befriending service.

This will now be operating as a telephone befriending service (rather than face to face). People can get in touch to make referrals on their own or someone else's behalf at  or on 07858570301. 


The nature of this bulletin will change.   Whilst their will no longer be a weekly events bulletin , It may be useful to circulate any information on initiatives by churches to assist people during this time.

Watch this space


It is good to see many sharing thoughts online at this time, recognising the potential for the church as it responds to this situation in our communities. The following refelctions are Rev Jude Padfield at  St James in the City.

Firstly; love, compassion and spiritual confidence. The Church in the second and third centuries faced an enormous challenge when a series of plagues swept through the known world of the time. Christians in cities became renowned for their love, compassion and spiritual confidence; not only did they alleviate much suffering, but their witness carried forwards for generations as the Church grew. I don't know what our response will ultimately look like; but may we be known for those same qualities.

Secondly; the power of prayer! If you find yourself anxious through the coming period, use that as a motivation to pray. Prayer is powerful, Jesus encourages persistent prayer (Luke 18:1-8 is a great reminder of this) and prayer is also an antidote to fear. May we all make time to pray regularly for all affected by this crisis. Let's pray.

Finally; one another. God has gifted us to each other to help us on our journey back to Him. Group & ministry leaders will be reaching out to explore ways of staying connected and supporting each other. Let's all take the time to stay connected. How are our friends doing? How can we help? And how can others help us if we find ourselves in a place of need? Let's reach out and encourage others to do the same.