It has been nearly two months since the last letter.  As people have been shut down within their homes, much of the focus has been on meeting  immediate needs in our own lives and those around us, but some  have been looking at their homes and thinking about building projects.   

As the Church, we have been responding to immediate needs, and many have been at the front line caring for those around us.  But we have also had space to reflect and look forward as we emerge from lock down.  One of my architectural enquiries led me to a short book written in in 1995 by Walfred J. Fahrer entitled “Building on the Rock”.   Walfred addresses the identity of Church, being Church and building Church Together from an Anabaptist-Mennonite perspective.  In the discussion questions at the end of chapter two he asks:

“what would happen to your congregation if you could no longer meet together for public worship on Sunday Mornings?” 

How do our church communities build from here?  How is the Spirit guiding us?  May we all be open and pray for our denomination leaders and local leadership as they consider the way forward.    

Church Opening

Whilst we are eager to return to corporate worship and regulations have been relaxed to enable places of worship to open for worship, the practical and safety issues mean that no churches are rushing into this, with many suggesting September as the earliest possibility for corporate worship.

Some are however now trialling opening for individual prayer and Bishop Eton have extended an invitation to all for silent individual prayer  in the church on Mondays and Fridays, 2 pm until 5 pm,  subject to the usual social distancing and use of hand sanitiser.. Volunteer stewards will be available to ensure the safety of visitors, and to help with the one way system in the church. (The Archdiocese has stipulated a maximum of fifty visitors at a time). All are welcome, whether you worship at Bishop Eton or not.

St Barnabas

You may have noticed some activity around St Barnabas.   Funding has now been approved for the launch of St Barnabas, as a resource church to engage the “missing generation”.    As you will appreciate it is not possible to provide a programme for the launch yet, but as part of the preparation the church is being cleared of Asbestos in July with internal remodelling commencing in  August through  to November.  


This may seem a long way ahead, but the possibility of another Market Stall on Allerton Road in December and the distribution of Christmas Cards, will be a good opportunity.   For the review of last year click here

Last year we had 56 knitted angels and they were all given out.  These were largely contributed by our neighbours at the Halewood Ecumenical Team of St Mary’s and St Nicholas’.  It you or a group you are involved in would like to knit some angels for this Christmas please contact me and I will send you the pattern again.

Next letter

It is hoped that the next letter will be availble in approximately a month's time