Resettlement Programme – Parish Meeting

Tuesday 23 January in Fisher More Hall at 7.30

At the meeting we will

  • address the Home Office scheme
  • look in detail at the experience of St Monica’s Flixton as an example of good practice
  • outline the way in which Bishop Eton will respond
  • explore experiences and ideas

To make all of this possible

We will be looking for individuals who are expert in

  • the local housing and rental market – we need to find a home for the family
  • the law - to advise as necessary
  • medical, social and healthcare needs – with access various agencies
  • the benefit, welfare and local authority systems
  • business and networks to local businesses

We are looking for teams of people to be part of  

  • Home making – to prepare the property for a family
  • Education – covering all matters educational now and after arrival including ESOL
  • Fund raising – to raise a minimum of £9K and sustain funds for 2 years
  • Welcome – preparing parish and supporting the family after arrival

If you cannot attend the meeting but are able to give time to any of the above please send your details to Hayley at Bishop Eton Monastery on

   or 0151 722 1108

Thank you

Parish Core Team