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The story so far

Parish Address 14th January 2017

At Mass on the 14th Janaury 2018 the chair of the Parish Core Team Ann Connor and the Caritas National Coordinator of the "Community Sponsirship of Refugees" Sean Ryan spoke to us about the refugee resettlement programme.  We are hoping to participate in this programme and support a refugee family in our parish. 

To read the full address click here


Participation in the refugee resettlement programme helps to answer the call from Pope Francis 

`May every parish, every religious community, every monastery, every sanctuary of Europe, take one family`

{Pope Francis made this appeal during his Angelus address on 6th September 2015. The full text can be found on the Vatican website click here}

The Archdiocese started to look at what can be done and published an article on the Archdiocesan website click here to read it.  Since then the Liverpool Justce and Peace Comission have been looking into the Community Sponsorship scheme and they have posted a playlist of videos on their Youtube channel.

Please watch this short video which gives an introduction to the community sponsorship scheme

Parish Meeting 23rd January 2017

On Tuesday 23rd January there was a meeting in the Fisher-More Hall for those interested in this cause. The planned contents of the meeting had been circulated following the pulpit address on 14th January.  If you do not have a copy but would like to see the handout please click here to access an electronic copy.

At the meeting Ann Connor, Tricia Brophy and Marie Reynolds (Nugent) addressed those present. They provided details of the scheme and a more detailed break down of what help was needed and how they planned to progress the scheme in the parish. 


If you wish to register your interest in helping with the project please click here, fill in the form and return it to the parish office of e-mail it to  

Ann recommended viewing Pope Francis and David Miliband's addresses to the 2017 TED conference.

Please click here to view the videos